Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I sold another Hat!!

I promise not to post every time I sale something, but these first couple of sales are really exciting!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Etsy Friday!

I love clocks! Little ones, Giant ones, alarm clocks, everything! I found the greatest clock shop on Etsy last week, and I am now determined to redecorate a room so I can buy one of these clocks! Etsy Friday's shop is...

I've never had the patience to crochet a doily, althought I think they are beautiful! Brenda Rose at "And Furthermore" makes doily clocks out of reclaimed materials like cork, plastic and wood.

Check out "And Furthermore" here.

New Photo's!

My cousin, Megan, sent me some great new pictures today and I'm so exited to share them! You can check her out here. Her site is currently under construction, but follow her now and you'll know when she's back up and running!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Etsy Friday!..4 days late

Okay, first of all I have to defend myself here. My laptop has been having many technical issues over the last week, so I haven't been able to load any pictures to my blog, which is why there was no Etsy Friday spotlight last week. Since the computer looks like it doesn't want to be revived, I am doing this post from work with a fully functioning computer!

Ali at AND at her Buttonhead Etsy Shop makes some of the cutest buttons and magnets you've ever seen! Some of my person favorite include:
The Mustache Collection:
Mood Magnets:

And the "I make stuff" sheep!

Check her out!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First sale on Etsy!

I am ecstatic to announce Sweet.Kiwi.Crochet's first Etsy shop sale! Wahoo!!!! To celebrate I'm offering 25% off all products in my shop, and free shipping, for the next 24 hours (so until tomorrow at 12:00 MST) to all blog followers and Facebooke fans! You'll be charged full price, but 50% will be reimbursed to you through paypal.

I also apologize for not posting an Etsy Friday. I will catch up this afternoon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Friday!

I have to apologize, my posts this last week have really been lacking! My husband has been sick all week and I've been working extra, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. I promise to do better in the coming weeks. But for now, it's Etsy Friday!

This week I'm going to cheat a bit. I stumbled across this blog which led me to this etsy shop, but I love it, so I'm featuring them anyway! This weeks Etsy shop is Seedlings Craft Boutique!

I don't know about you, but I have a thing for picture frames. My husband laughs at me because of all the empty picture frames I have in the closet at our place. He also gets exasperated with me because I'm always wanting to take pictures of him to put in the frames! I don't know if the girls over at Seedlings Craft had the same problem as me or what, but I love what they do with picture frames!
Aren't they adorable? They have a lot of these in their Esty Shop, we well as headbands and cute carseat covers!
If you're looking for crafts you can do for yourself, be sure to check out their blog, which is full of easy and cute ideas!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hats for baby boys!

I've finally designed some hats for baby boys that I really like! I will be adding them to my etsy shop tonight, so if you'd like to purchase one, check them out in my Etsy shop!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Etsy Friday!

I wanted to take a break from just showing what I do and decided to institute Etsy Friday! Each Friday I will showcase a new Etsy store I stumble across in my wanderings. These stores are notified after being shown here, so No, I'm not being paid to say good things about them :) Here we go!

I have fallen in line with everyone else in the world lately and fallen in love with Owls, so when I saw these amazing cookies over at Totally Scrumptious Cookies I started wishing I had an event coming up to buy some for!

Don't they look amazing!

You can see their shop Here
Make sure and check back next week, as they're rolling out their Easter cookies this weekend!