Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Pictures and the Winter Gift Market!

Thanks to the wonderful Britney over at Cascio Photography I have new pictures of hats for you! Please check them out under the Photo's tab. 

This Friday and Saturday is the Winter Gift Market at the Bullen Center! After the success of last weeks Novemberfest, I cannot wait for this weeks show! So check out the details under the Where to Find Me! tab. 

Can't make it to the show but want to order for Christmas? Email me now to place your order!



  1. I am going to have to come and get one of these this weekend for my little girl. She ears your purple owl hat everywhere and people always ask where I got it so I have been sending peole to your blog and also to Novemberfest so I hope they showed up

  2. I really LOVE this picture of Riley!!! :) its one of my favorites we got that day! Your stuff is seriously sooooo cute! I love them!