Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Something I've been toying around with is posting tutorials on this blog for people who want to crochet. I have a feeling that putting something like this together would take a long time though, so I don't want to go to a lot of work if people aren't interested!
Any opinions?
Any interest?
Input please!


  1. Following you from Etsy. Come see my blog!

  2. I NEED a hat. I have a friend who is placing her baby boy for adoption we are taking pictures of the two of them the day after he is born and I would love to have a cute hat he can wear in the pictures and then she can keep after she places him. Obviously he will just be tiny. Let me know what you think and how much I would owe you!

  3. I would love some instruction. All I've ever done is a hot pad but would love to learn more!!

  4. I am so interested. I am a beginner and would love some good pictures to go along with the instructions! Thank you so much, cute blog!

  5. I am definitely interested! I could use some instruction in crochet!