Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally got a new computer!!!

It's been a long time coming, but Husby and I went out a bought a new computer today!
For the last 6 weeks we have been stuck with one computer that will get on the internet but do nothing else, and another computer incapable of getting on the internet.

It hasn't been fun.
But all of that is over now! Look forward to much more blogging, a lot more pictures, and a completely updated Etsy shop!

Yesterday I had my first photoshoot! My amazing parents spent 2 hours taking pictures for me, and while I haven't been able to see many of the pictures yet, I have stolen some unedited ones from my mom! So without further ado, some of my new products, hitting the Etsy shop this week...

Because of bad weather, I did not make it to the Farmers Market today. To be honest, this is probably a good thing, as I've been very stressed out working 2 jobs and trying to create enough stuff for the market each week! The new headbands have been a huge seller, and I can't seem to keep them in stock! So now I have a whole week to get ahead!

The other nice thing about this extra time I have is that I can finally start working on something I have been promising my younger brother for months. It will hopefully be complete tomorrow and I will get photo's shot this week. If all goes well, it could be in my Etsy shop next weekend...Ready for a hint on what it is?...

Any guesses?..And no, it's not just a mustache

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  1. Dang it I have always wanted a crocheted mustache! Your pics look great I am excited to see the rest of them!